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Documentation for developers

Documentation on libretro

A 6-page document has been written targeted at developers who would like to make their own libretro port.

Link: Libretro - Implementing the core

Using OpenGL in libretro cores

Link: Implementing a Hardware Accelerated Libretro Core

Documentation on writing shaders

This tutorial teaches you how to write fragment/vertex shaders for use with RetroArch. It also goes into 'Game-Aware Shading', a unique RetroArch feature. No real prior knowledge is required of the reader.

Link: Cg/HLSL shader tutorial for RetroArch

API Reference

API reference documentation for now is limited to the header files themselves.

Libretro API: libretro.h

See Also: libretro-common - Reusable coding blocks useful for libretro core and frontend development, written primarily in C. Permissively licensed.

Shader spec (Cg/HLSL):

Dynamic Rate Control

This article explains in detail the audio/video synchronization method used in RetroArch.

Link: Dynamic Rate Control for Retro Game Emulators