Late 2003 version of MAME (0.78) for libretro. Compatible with MAME 0.78 romsets.
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MAME as it was in 2003, and using the libretro API. Accepts romset MAME 0.78. Any file-not-found issues will be because your romset is wrong, or incomplete (e.g. you're trying to run a clone .zip, without the parent .zip present).

Suitable for lower-end devices that would struggle to run current versions of MAME (later versions of MAME are increasingly accurate, thus can perform worse).

Has support for a single mouse (or touch device) in games that support trackpads, etc (via the "Mouse Device" core option) Supports one or two spinners/dials (via the "Share 2 player dial controls across one X/Y device" core option)

Tested for OS X, linux (including Raspberry Pi 2, 3), Wii, and Android (arm-v7a).


Generates directories as it requires:

  • User-generated content are in sub-directories within /libretro savefile dir/mame2003/ e.g.:
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/diff/
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/nvram/
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/hi/
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/cfg/
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/inp/
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/memcard/
/libretro savefile dir/mame2003/snap/
  • .dat files should be placed within /libretro system dir/mame2003/ e.g.:
/libretro system dir/mame2003/hiscore.dat
/libretro system dir/mame2003/cheat.dat
/libretro system dir/mame2003/history.dat
  • Static data should be placed in subdirectories within /libretro system dir/mame2003/ e.g.:
/libretro system dir/mame2003/samples/
  • .chd images should be placed in subdirectories within the /libretro content dir/ ROM directory e.g.:
/libretro content dir/blitz/blitz.chd

Core options

  • Frameskip (0-5)
  • DCS Speedhack (enabled/disabled) Speedhack for the Midway sound hardware used in Mortal Kombat 2, 3 and others. Improves performance in these games.
  • Skip Disclaimer (enabled/disabled) Skips the 'nag-screen'.
  • Skip Warnings (disabled/enabled) Skips the warning screen shown before games with incomplete emulation.
  • Samples (enabled/disabled) Requires valid sample zips.
  • Sample Rate (KHz) (11025-48000) Lowering may improve performance on weaker devices
  • Cheats (disabled/enabled) Requires a valid cheat.dat file.
  • Share 2 player dial controls across one X/Y device (disabled/enabled) Some dial/spinner hardware are actually one device with one axis for each player. This supports that setup, by breaking down the normal mouse x/y into two seperate inputs.
  • Mouse Device (mouse/pointer/disabled) Switch between mouse (e.g. hardware mouse, trackball, etc), pointer (touchpad, touchscreen, lightgun, etc), or disabled.


  • Make sure all of the mkdir commands in makefile complete before any compiling starts.
  • Input Descriptors (for use in Core Input Remapping).
  • Expose all MAME options as Core Options (including various vector game-specific options)
  • Artwork support.
  • High-resolution in vector games (currently limited to 640x480).
  • Lots more.


  • Will have errors on 64-bit platforms.
  • Will have errors on platforms without unaligned memory access support.
  • When using concurrent building you may get an error that it can't create certain object files, just rerun make if it happens.
  • To run on Wii's memory constraints some drivers in src/driver.c must be removed.

Links to consult: