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Work In Progress SEGA Dreamcast emulator
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redream is a work-in-progress SEGA Dreamcast emulator written in C for Mac, Linux and Windows.

redream is licensed under the GPLv3 license (see LICENSE.txt) and uses third party libraries that are each distributed under their own terms (see each library's license in deps/).


The latest pre-built binaries can be found on the downloads page.


Start by cloning the repository and setting up a build directory.

git clone
mkdir redream_build
cd redream_build

Next, generate a makefile or project file for your IDE of choice. For more info on the supported IDEs, checkout the CMake documentation.

# Makefile

# Xcode project
cmake -G "Xcode" ../redream

# Visual Studio project
cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 Win64" ../redream

Finally, you can either run make from the command line if you've generated a Makefile or load up the project file and compile the code from inside of your IDE.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs via the GitHub issue queue.

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