The Xyster Framework contains several components to improve and simplify your application development experience. It leverages and extends several parts of the Zend Framework version 1.x.
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Thank you for downloading the Xyster Framework. The files in this archive
are released under the New BSD license.  See LICENSE.txt
in this directory for a copy of the license.  Please see NEWS.txt
in this directory for a high-level list of changes in this release.

New Xyster releases are made available on a regular basis,
when improvements and bugfixes are made. Please visit the website for more information.


Xyster Framework documentation is available on the website:


Xyster classes can be found in the following directory:


Your PHP include_path should contain both Xyster and the Zend Framework
library. For more information, see INSTALL.txt.


The Xyster Framework issue tracker can be found here: