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Kitin - README

Getting started

Install requirements

Mac OS X specific:

$ sudo easy_install pip
$ pip install virtualenvwrapper
$ Add `export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs` to your shell profile (zshrc, bashrc)
$ Add `source /path/to/` to your shell profile (zshrc, bashrc)
$ mkvirtualenv kb-kitin
$ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

# During development, make sure you
$ workon kb-kitin

Generate the marcmap

  1. Get Swedish legacy config files... (ask for directions)
  2. Put them in folder ($CONFIG_DIR) and create folder for marcmap ($SOME_DIR)

    $ python tools/ $CONFIG_DIR/TagTable/Marc21 sv > $SOME_DIR/marcmap.json

Prepare a local database

$ fab prepare

Add a test user:

$ sqlite3 kitin.db
> INSERT INTO userdata VALUES ('somebody','somepass');

Start the client

  1. Run ./ -h for help
  2. Run webapp

    $ ./ -d --mockapi -m $SOME_DIR/marcmap.json

Development and Maintenance

Tool for applying the marcmap to a marc-json struct

$ node tools/map-marcjson.js $SOME_DIR/marcmap.json bib examples/bib/7149593.json

Running js test scripts

$ Install node *brew install node* on MacOSX _(also, make sure to install npm)_
$ NODE_PATH=.:$PWD/static/js
$ node test/js/test_marcjson.js

Downloading third-party web assets

Web assets are JS and CSS dependencies. Add their locations to this script:

$ tools/

By doing this, their origin is documented, and updates to them become easily downloaded.

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