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[PATCH] SDL_GetVideoMode() does not find best mode, part 2

Following commit 1.51, I come accross a problem when SDL must choose between
several video modes that could suit the one asked.

If I ask 320x240 with this list:
768x480 768x240 640x400 640x200 384x480 384x240 320x400 320x200

The smallest selectables modes are 384x240 and 320x400. And SDL choose the later
in this list, but 384x240 is more suitable. So I added a check to compare
the pixel count (surface) of modes, and select the one which has the smallest
pixel count.

In my example, 384x240 has 92160 pixels, and 320x400 has 128000 pixels. So now
SDL will choose 384x240 for the asked 320x240 mode.
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pmandin committed Jan 19, 2006
1 parent e4d14ef commit 1586fbd0a5b5fb26a4634c3a2f94088af726a5a3

File 1 of 1 in 1586fbd

@@ -488,8 +488,11 @@ static int SDL_GetVideoMode (int *w, int *h, int *BitsPerPixel, Uint32 flags)
if ((sizes[i]->w >= *w) && (sizes[i]->h >= *h)) {
/* Mode with any dimension smaller or equal than current best ? */
if ((sizes[i]->w <= sizes[best]->w) || (sizes[i]->h <= sizes[best]->h)) {
supported = 1;
/* Now choose the mode that has less pixels */
if ((sizes[i]->w * sizes[i]->h) < (sizes[best]->w * sizes[best]->h)) {
supported = 1;

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