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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 15:13:32 +0300

From: "Mike Gorchak"
Subject: SDL updates for the QNX6

1. Updated the README.QNX
2. Updated libtool scripts, which are shipped with SDL for QNX6 support.
3. Added some code to support the new QNX 6.3.0, which is in beta now.
4. Added code to detect the hw features, which driver supports.
5. Added hw alpha blits code.
6. Fixed bug when application switches to fullscreen more the 2 times. (afte\
r that window becames always stay on top).
7. Updated a bit README for the tests.
8. Added information about acceleration show in the testalpha.c test.
9. Added small fixes to the testoverlay2.c test.
10. Added alpha and cc+alpha blits benchmarks to the testvidinfo.c test.
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slouken committed May 6, 2004
1 parent a3ed564 commit 246cb996327e9bad4fe69e9464941bde3b77fc49

File 10 of 13 in 246cb99

@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ These are test programs for the SDL library:
loopwave Audio test -- loop playing a WAV file
testcdrom Sample audio CD control program
testkeys List the available keyboard keys
testvidinfo Show the pixel format of the display
testvidinfo Show the pixel format of the display and perfom the benchmark
checkkeys Watch the key events to check the keyboard
testwin Display a BMP image at various depths
graywin Display a gray gradient and center mouse on spacebar
@@ -22,4 +22,5 @@ These are test programs for the SDL library:
threadwin Test multi-threaded event handling
testgl A very simple example of using OpenGL with SDL
testjoystick List joysticks and watch joystick events

testoverlay Tests the software/hardware overlay functionality.
testoverlay2 Tests the overlay flickering/scaling during playback.

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