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Some work on using accelerated alpha blits with hardware surfaces.

From Stephane Marchesin's fork, don't know who originally wrote it.
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icculus committed Apr 17, 2005
1 parent 2f5b5a7 commit 3ff6c7cc586d0c642c9df514c2ce79c750335899

File 3 of 4 in 3ff6c7c

@@ -134,6 +134,9 @@ struct SDL_VideoDevice {
/* Information about the video hardware */
SDL_VideoInfo info;

/* The pixel format used when SDL_CreateRGBSurface creates SDL_HWSURFACEs with alpha */
SDL_PixelFormat* displayformatalphapixel;

/* Allocates a surface in video memory */
int (*AllocHWSurface)(_THIS, SDL_Surface *surface);

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