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slouken committed Aug 9, 2001
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@@ -16,6 +16,11 @@ <H2>
Major changes since SDL 1.0.0:
<LI> 1.2.3: Fixed the system dependent SDL_WINDOWID hack on Windows
<LI> 1.2.3: Added 640x480 as a scaled resolution for NTSC/PAL output
<LI> 1.2.3: Added support for TV output on the Linux PlayStation Beta
<LI> 1.2.3: Added initial NVidia acceleration on framebuffer console
<LI> 1.2.3: Fixed audio format selection for OpenBSD (thanks Peter!)
<LI> 1.2.2: Fixed crash when quitting fullscreen mode on MacOS X
<LI> 1.2.2: Fixed fullscreen mouse events on MacOS X
<LI> 1.2.2: Now returns an error if unable to open audio on BeOS

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