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From Patrice Mandin:

"Just a request about test subdirectory: the autotools files
(config.guess, config.sub, etc...) are a bit outdated, and I have to
update them for my cross-compilation party. So it would be nice to
have these updated.


Just removing these files works, because then configure will use
those of SDL's topdir. Could someone else check this, just to be sure?
i.e. remove config.guess, config.sub, install-sh and mkinstalldirs from
test subdir."

I tested on Linux and MacOSX...seems to be safe, so I'm nuking the files.

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icculus committed Aug 20, 2005
1 parent a1c2557 commit 5d35043702a3a0a1c15c36fe8596a04c9f558b0b
Showing with 0 additions and 3,016 deletions.
  1. +0 −1,368 test/config.guess
  2. +0 −1,357 test/config.sub
  3. +0 −251 test/install-sh
  4. +0 −40 test/mkinstalldirs

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