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Let app set SDL_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER environment variable to overr…

…ide SDL's

 attempt to disable screen savers. Works for Quartz (Mac OS X) and X11.

Need a formal API for this in 1.3, still.

  Fixes Bugzilla #415.
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icculus committed Apr 6, 2007
1 parent b6f9fad commit 5d95117dcdbb163b5fb1f2c36b0fd91b2534c652

File 5 of 7 in 5d95117

@@ -29,5 +29,5 @@ extern void X11_PumpEvents(_THIS);
extern void X11_SetKeyboardState(Display *display, const char *key_vec);

extern void X11_SaveScreenSaver(Display *display, int *saved_timeout, BOOL *dpms);
extern void X11_DisableScreenSaver(Display *display);
extern void X11_RestoreScreenSaver(Display *display, int saved_timeout, BOOL dpms);
extern void X11_DisableScreenSaver(_THIS, Display *display);
extern void X11_RestoreScreenSaver(_THIS, Display *display, int saved_timeout, BOOL dpms);

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