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Quartz driver OpenGL updates:

Driver can now open whatever library is specified in SDL_GL_LoadLibrary()
 call (previously, it ignored this parameter), and uses the default system
 library when NULL is specified.

Also, library is loaded once in SDL_GL_LoadLibrary() and not every call to
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icculus committed Nov 22, 2005
1 parent 7f5b03c commit 5e504d52b49b7397e8eba98e10eefd24ad2da081

File 3 of 3 in 5e504d5

@@ -1489,6 +1489,12 @@ static void QZ_VideoQuit (_THIS) {

QZ_UnsetVideoMode (this);
CGPaletteRelease (palette);

if (opengl_bundle) {
opengl_bundle = NULL;
this->gl_config.driver_loaded = 0;

#if 0 /* Not used (apparently, it's really slow) */

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