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Fixed assembler command line for older yasm releases and documented nasm


   Fixes Bugzilla #440.
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icculus committed Jun 16, 2007
1 parent 14de55c commit 60194242a8293de5e2b389da1e7f5e296e92bbe0
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@@ -706,7 +706,7 @@ AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-nasm], [use nasm assembly blitters on x86 [[default=yes
if test "x$NASM" != x -a "x$NASM" != x'"$NASM"'; then
SOURCES="$SOURCES $srcdir/src/hermes/*.asm"
NASMFLAGS="$NASMFLAGS -i $srcdir/src/hermes/"
NASMFLAGS="$NASMFLAGS -I $srcdir/src/hermes/"

dnl See if hidden visibility is supported
echo "GLOBAL _bar:function hidden" > symbol-visibility

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