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* Removed fullscreen menu option from the "Window" menu

* Updated the BUGS file
* Fixed command line parameters when launched from Finder
* Implemented setting the icon window caption
* Implemented frameless style windows
* Added note about SDL_RESIZABLE implementation to SDL_QuartzVideo.m
* Window close requests now go through the event filtering system
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Sam Lantinga committed Jun 11, 2001
1 parent ed1b367 commit 6f51643188a0e2328564a18771ef2fa8b486baa9

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@@ -72,12 +72,12 @@ MacOS:
MacOS X:
Joystick and CD-ROM functions are not implemented yet.

Closing window from window's close widget not implemented yet.

Minimizing the window erases the framebuffer to the pinstripe pattern.

Window management buttons don't draw correctly.

Window may not close when unsetting video mode and resetting.

Resizeable windows aren't implemented yet.

Depth switching for windowed mode isn't implemented yet.

Palette handling isn't implemented in windowed mode yet.

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