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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:37:09 GMT
From: Peter Naulls
Subject: RISC OS SDL Patches

Sam, I've attached a diff of the latest changes to libSDL for RISC OS
support.  These changes are by Alan Buckley and myself.

The most significant of these are:

  Optimised assembler blit rountines - I've attached the file
   src/video/riscos/SDL_riscosASM.s which is needed for this.

  Move to using /dev/dsp instead of its own audio implementation.
  This means that src/audio/riscos/SDL_drenderer.c should be removed

  Typo fixes.  Mainly correct spelling of "RISC OS", but some from elsewhere
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slouken committed Feb 12, 2005
1 parent a3b658b commit 8983bd77509e066c033f82fdf60a41f98db5001f

File 3 of 22 in 8983bd7

@@ -140,12 +140,12 @@ struct SDL_SysWMmsg {
int pollBlock[64];

/* The RISCOS custom window manager information structure */
/* The RISC OS custom window manager information structure */
typedef struct SDL_SysWMinfo {
SDL_version version;
int wimpVersion; /* Wimp version running under */
int taskHandle; /* The RISCOS task handle */
int window; /* The RISCOS display window */
int taskHandle; /* The RISC OS task handle */
int window; /* The RISC OS display window */
} SDL_SysWMinfo;

#elif defined(__QNXNTO__)

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