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Major changes since SDL 1.0.0:
<LI> 1.2.9: Numerous improvements to the Atari port (thanks Patrice!)
<LI> 1.2.9: SIGTERM and SIGINT handlers are reset when SDL shuts down
<LI> 1.2.9: Added support for Visual C++ 2005 (Express Beta 2) to
<LI> 1.2.9: Fixed crash trying to allocate hardware surfaces on MacOS X (thanks Ryan!)
<LI> 1.2.9: SDL.dll works on Windows 95 again
<LI> 1.2.9: Dropping a document onto an SDL app passes it as a command line parameter in MacOS X (thanks Ryan!)
<LI> 1.2.9: Fixed short read problem with SDL_RWFromMem() (thanks Antonio!)
<LI> 1.2.9: Added support for SDL_VIDEO_X11_NODIRECTCOLOR on OpenGL visuals
<LI> 1.2.9: Altivec optimized blitters (thanks Bob!)
<LI> 1.2.9: YUV mmx code should compile with gcc 2.x and 3.x (thanks Stephane!)
<LI> 1.2.9: Fixed hang on shutdown using framebuffer console on ia64 (thanks Jesse!)
<LI> 1.2.9: Improved RISC OS support (thanks Peter and Alan!)
<LI> 1.2.9: Added support for direct color 8-bpp surfaces
<LI> 1.2.9: Fixed gcc parse errors in SDL_audio.h on Windows
<LI> 1.2.9: Fixed potential crash in multi-threaded timers
<LI> 1.2.9: Added support for Tru64 UNIX 4.X (thanks Hayashi!)
<LI> 1.2.8: Fixed pitch vs width bug in SDL_SaveBMP() (thanks Jonathan!)
<LI> 1.2.8: Build ALSA support when building RPM files
<LI> 1.2.8: Added support for MacOS X Xcode environment (thanks Eric!)

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