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Fixed bug #192

The change made to on March 18 (rev 11, see, broke static linking
under Mac OS X for unix style build systems. In other words, "sdl-config
--static-libs" no longer produces the correct output, as it is missing the
required -framework switches.

The attached patch fixes this.
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slouken committed Apr 13, 2006
1 parent d5b49aa commit 8d5c46405a67d84be6b148cee824feaa50991f68
Showing with 8 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -2315,6 +2315,13 @@ case "$host" in
# just the OS X kernel sans upper layers like Carbon and Cocoa.
# Next line is broken, and a few files below require Mac OS X (full)

# HACK: Reset EXTRA_LDFLAGS; the only thing it contains at this point is
# -lm which is not needed under Mac OS X. But for some reasons it also
# tends to contain spurious -L switches, which we don't want to use
# here or in sdl-config. Hence we reset it.

@@ -2528,7 +2535,7 @@ case "$ARCH" in
SDL_LIBS="$SDL_LIBS -Wl,-framework,OpenGL"
# Evil hack to allow static linking on Mac OS X
SDL_STATIC_LIBS="\${exec_prefix}/lib/libSDLmain.a \${exec_prefix}/lib/libSDL.a"
SDL_STATIC_LIBS="\${exec_prefix}/lib/libSDLmain.a \${exec_prefix}/lib/libSDL.a $EXTRA_LDFLAGS"

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