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Fixed bug #53

Updated CWprojects.sea.bin with Anders F Bj??rklun's CodeWarrior 5 and 6 projects.
In addition, added the following tweaks from Sam:
* Updated the version string to 1.2.10
* Removed Win32 targets from CodeWarrior 5 projects
* Cleaned up access paths
* Removed unnecessary macos_prefix.h
* Added all necessary StdCLib headers to Support:MacOS
* Added OpenGL 1.2 API headers and libraries to Support:MacOS
* Added testdyngl test program
* Removed OpenGL stub from all test programs except for testgl
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slouken committed May 11, 2006
1 parent 7087a9f commit 92acb7978871f8dc0b51b6f2f7b1283c97b46832
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