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Added double-buffering support for SVGAlib (thanks Kutak!)
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slouken committed Oct 14, 2001
1 parent 2e038f4 commit a17f219e3c2e932e2be679fb68c2fabb191e30a4

File 3 of 3 in a17f219

@@ -40,10 +40,19 @@ struct SDL_PrivateVideoData {
int SDL_nummodes[NUM_MODELISTS];
SDL_Rect **SDL_modelist[NUM_MODELISTS];
int *SDL_vgamode[NUM_MODELISTS];

/* information for double-buffering */
int flip_page;
int flip_offset[2];
Uint8 *flip_address[2];
/* Old variable names */
#define SDL_nummodes (this->hidden->SDL_nummodes)
#define SDL_modelist (this->hidden->SDL_modelist)
#define SDL_vgamode (this->hidden->SDL_vgamode)
#define flip_page (this->hidden->flip_page)
#define flip_offset (this->hidden->flip_offset)
#define flip_address (this->hidden->flip_address)

#endif /* _SDL_svgavideo_h */

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