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slouken committed Aug 1, 2002
1 parent 7555833 commit ac1213d943e4f99917e538a3490d07a729dd1eb6
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  1. +2 −0 include/SDL_video.h
@@ -578,6 +578,8 @@ extern DECLSPEC int SDLCALL SDL_SetColorKey
* If 'flag' is SDL_SRCALPHA, alpha blending is enabled for the surface.
* OR:ing the flag with SDL_RLEACCEL requests RLE acceleration for the
* surface; if SDL_RLEACCEL is not specified, the RLE accel will be removed.
* The 'alpha' parameter is ignored for surfaces that have an alpha channel.
extern DECLSPEC int SDLCALL SDL_SetAlpha(SDL_Surface *surface, Uint32 flag, Uint8 alpha);

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