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QuickTime depends on Carbon and ApplicationServices

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slouken committed Feb 19, 2006
1 parent 3952f58 commit ad2dcd9cf86f4079c33fc4d8d17397a8fd5f96f8
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@@ -2230,7 +2230,8 @@ case "$target" in
if test x$enable_video_carbon = xyes -o x$enable_video_cocoa = xyes; then
# The Cocoa backend still needs Carbon, and the YUV code QuickTime
BUILD_LIBS="$BUILD_LIBS -framework Carbon -framework QuickTime"
BUILD_LIBS="$BUILD_LIBS -framework QuickTime -framework ApplicationServices"
BUILD_LIBS="$BUILD_LIBS -framework Carbon"
# If either the audio or CD driver is used, add the AudioUnit framework
if test x$enable_audio = xyes -o x$enable_cdrom = xyes; then

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