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Added SDL_LockRect() and SDL_UnlockRect()

 Incorporated XFree86 extension libraries into the source
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slouken committed Mar 5, 2002
1 parent 0448ba7 commit bbf4b4c81f57a632e7731cf9765838d2748d40ab

File 2 of 49 in bbf4b4c

@@ -3,6 +3,12 @@ This is a list of API changes in SDL's version history.

Version 1.0:

Added SDL_LockRect() and SDL_UnlockRect() to lock a portion of a
surface. This may be more efficient than a full lock if you are
using a hardware surface and plan to make a few changes to small
areas in the surface.

Added SDL_VIDEOEXPOSE event to signal that the screen needs to
be redrawn. This is currently only delivered to OpenGL windows

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