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Fixed the project builder project archive

Added a rule to generate the archive from loose directories too. :)
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slouken committed Jul 23, 2001
1 parent a9370cb commit d2e89dea89a2ffd1ece9d9ceb61b5a84a0753561
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  2. BIN PBProjects.tar.gz
  3. BIN src/main/macosx/SDLMain.nib.tar.gz
@@ -57,6 +57,13 @@ exports:
(cd src/main/macos/exports; $(MAKE))
(cd src/main/win32/exports; $(MAKE))

# Rule to build the Project Builder archive in MacOS X
rm -f `find . -name .DS_Store`
if [ -d PBProjects ]; then \
tar zcvf $@ PBProjects src/main/macosx/SDLMain.nib; \

# Rule to force automake to rebuild the library
@echo "This build target is no longer necessary"
BIN -2.37 KB (92%) PBProjects.tar.gz
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.

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