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Added current_w and current_h to the SDL_VideoInfo structure, which i…
…s set to the desktop resolution during video intialization, and then set to the current resolution when a video mode is set.

SDL_SetVideoMode() now accepts 0 for width or height and will use the current video mode (or the desktop mode if no mode has been set.)
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slouken committed Mar 15, 2006
1 parent 49d0caf commit d532c736691527b105164225957ce1545e9aea84

File 2 of 33 in d532c73

@@ -161,6 +161,8 @@ typedef struct SDL_VideoInfo {
Uint32 UnusedBits3 :16;
Uint32 video_mem; /* The total amount of video memory (in K) */
SDL_PixelFormat *vfmt; /* Value: The format of the video surface */
int current_w; /* Value: The current video mode width */
int current_h; /* Value: The current video mode height */
} SDL_VideoInfo;

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