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Disable Sound Manager support on Mac OS X.

It's an OS 9 API that was exposed via Carbon, but is gone in the 10.6 SDK.
 OS X uses CoreAudio. We only had it in here for debugging purposes anyhow,
 as SDL would never use it unless forced to with an environment variable.

It remains in SDL for OS 9, of course.
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icculus committed Sep 12, 2009
1 parent cf4fdf2 commit e60af78ac96befac4a4a5fa4b49e6d8e8e2b4f7a
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@@ -2626,8 +2626,6 @@ case "$host" in
if test x$enable_audio = xyes; then
SOURCES="$SOURCES $srcdir/src/audio/macosx/*.c"
SOURCES="$SOURCES $srcdir/src/audio/macrom/*.c"
# Set up files for the joystick library

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