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Sam Lantinga committed Jul 13, 2001
1 parent 7f9bb1f commit e749171f4ec8d0367027530a8cd59d0fc0e11526
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@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ <H2>
<LI> 1.2.2: Improved the OpenBSD port (native audio default, etc.)
<LI> 1.2.2: Improved OSS audio driver support, thanks to 4Front Tech.
<LI> 1.2.2: Improved X11 fullscreen support, works better with KDE
<LI> 1.2.2: Improved SDL_GetTicks() resolution on W2K (thanks Holger!)
<LI> 1.2.2: Added FreeBSD VGL video driver from FreeBSD ports
<LI> 1.2.1: Added Linux PlayStation 2 Graphics Synthesizer support
<LI> 1.2.1: Added an audio driver that writes to disk (thanks Ryan!)

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