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slouken committed Feb 15, 2004
1 parent f3552fa commit f131bd5abe2c3d29df81939d080210dd76cd8c50
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@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including:

* Ga�tan de Menten for writing the PHP and SQL behind the SDL website

* Tim Jones for the new look of the SDL website

* Martin Donlon for his work on the SDL Documentation Project

* Ryan Gordon for helping everybody out and keeping the dream alive. :)
@@ -55,11 +57,23 @@ Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including:

* Stephane Peter, for the AAlib front-end and multi-threaded timer idea.

* Jon Atkins for great SDL_net and SDL_mixer documentation
* Jon Atkins for SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_net documentation

* Peter Wiklund, for the 1998 winning SDL logo,
and Arto Hamara, Steven Wong, and Kent Mein for other logo entries.

* Arne Claus, for the 2004 winning SDL logo,
and Shandy Brown, Jac, Alex Lyman, Mikkel Gjoel, #Guy, Jonas Hartmann,
Daniel Liljeberg, Ronald Sowa, DocD, Pekka Jaervinen, Patrick Avella,
Erkki Kontilla, Levon Gavalian, Hal Emerich, David Wiktorsson,
S. Schury and F. Hufsky, Ciska de Ruyver, Shredweat, Tyler Montbriand,
Martin Andersson, Merlyn Wysard, Fernando Ibanez, David Miller,
Andre Bommele,, Francisco Camenforte Torres, and David Igreja
for other logo entries.

* Bob Pendleton and David Olofson for being long time contributors to
the SDL mailing list.

* Everybody at Loki Software, Inc. for their great contributions!

And a big hand to everyone else who gave me appreciation, advice,

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