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Lots of people have contributed cash. :)

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slouken committed Feb 15, 2004
1 parent f131bd5 commit f59414b5edb73c9909cbec717f991b00785b0177
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@@ -7,12 +7,17 @@ Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including:

* Scott Call, for making a home for SDL on the 'Net... Thanks! :)

* The Linux Fund, C Magazine, and Gareth Noyce for financial contributions
* The Linux Fund, C Magazine, Educational Technology Resources Inc.,
Gareth Noyce, Jesse Pavel, Keith Kitchin, Jeremy Horvath, Thomas Nicholson,
Hans-Peter Gygax, the Eternal Lands Development Team, Lars Brubaker,
and Phoenix Kokido for financial contributions

* Ga�tan de Menten for writing the PHP and SQL behind the SDL website

* Tim Jones for the new look of the SDL website

* Marco Kraus for setting up SDL merchandise

* Martin Donlon for his work on the SDL Documentation Project

* Ryan Gordon for helping everybody out and keeping the dream alive. :)

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