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SDL_SetGamma() does not work with Xorg server #717

SDLBugzilla opened this issue Feb 10, 2021 · 0 comments

SDL_SetGamma() does not work with Xorg server #717

SDLBugzilla opened this issue Feb 10, 2021 · 0 comments
endoflife Bug might be valid, but SDL-1.2 is EOL.


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This bug report was migrated from our old Bugzilla tracker.

These attachments are available in the static archive:

Reported in version: 1.2.15
Reported for operating system, platform: Linux, x86_64

Comments on the original bug report:

On 2013-01-04 09:16:22 +0000, Petr Pisar wrote:

Created attachment 1008
Fix for 1.2.15

Xorg server since version 1.7 (year 2010) has broken dynamic color map setting. X server does not adjust palette, but it does not report error. Thus SDL_SetGamma() preferring setting by SetGammaRamp() does not have any effect and any SDL application calling SDL_SetGamma() looks broken.

Because I don't believe this Xorg bug will be fixed any soon, I propose to change SDL_SetGamme() to call video->SetGamma() only. Attached patch implements it.

On 2013-01-04 09:18:03 +0000, Petr Pisar wrote:

Here is link to Xorg bug report

On 2013-08-28 21:16:46 +0000, Daniel Gibson wrote:

What about using SetGammaRamp with xrandr's XRRSetCrtcGamma()?
Same could be done for 2.0

(It sucks hard that hasn't fixed this bug since 2010, even though someone even analyzed the problem and said that it would only be a few hours of work)

On 2013-11-06 02:04:37 +0000, Daniel Scharrer wrote:

This still applies to SDL_GetWindowBrightness() and SDL_SetWindowGammaRamp() in SDL 2, only now there isn't a video->SetGamma() anymore so it isn't as easy to patch.

As for SDL 1.2: this is probably a duplicate of bug # 971, but with a much simpler solution, hopefully it will be merged.

On 2015-08-25 09:38:22 +0000, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

Hello, and sorry if you're getting several copies of this message by email, since we are closing many bugs at once here.

We have decided to mark all SDL 1.2-related bugs as RESOLVED ENDOFLIFE, as we don't intend to work on SDL 1.2 any further, but didn't want to mark a large quantity of bugs as RESOLVED WONTFIX, to clearly show what was left unattended to and make it easily searchable.

Our current focus is on SDL 2.0.

If you are still having problems with an ENDOFLIFE bug, your absolute best option is to move your program to SDL2, as it will likely fix the problem by default, and give you access to modern platforms and tons of super-cool new features.

Failing that, we will accept small patches to fix these issues, and put them in revision control, although we do not intend to do any further official 1.2 releases.

Failing that, please feel free to contact me directly by email ( and we'll try to find some way to help you out of your situation.

Thank you,

@SDLBugzilla SDLBugzilla added bug endoflife Bug might be valid, but SDL-1.2 is EOL. labels Feb 10, 2021
slouken added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 5, 2023
mikrosk pushed a commit to mikrosk/SDL-1.2 that referenced this issue Dec 21, 2023
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endoflife Bug might be valid, but SDL-1.2 is EOL.
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