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Fixed bug #615

 Scott McCreary      2008-08-21 10:48:14 PDT

This patch adds support for Haiku.
Haiku is an open-source recreation of BeOS.  It has better POSIX compliance
than beOS did, and other improved features, which in some cases causes us to
have to "undo" previous BeOS workarounds.
Here's our port log entry for it, showing the steps to force the changes into
configure and Makefile:
Note that this was only tried on 1.2.13 stable so far.
Haiku is using a newer config.guess / config.sub that doesn't yet seem to be in
the released libtool, so we are having to copy it in for now.
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slouken committed Sep 21, 2009
1 parent 0bf9b81 commit 0842fdea601d55bc7a537cdeb5edf1290d167c72

File 2 of 6 in 0842fde

@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@
#undef __BEOS__
#define __BEOS__ 1
#if defined(__HAIKU__)
#undef __HAIKU__
#define __HAIKU__ 1
#if defined(bsdi) || defined(__bsdi) || defined(__bsdi__)
#undef __BSDI__
#define __BSDI__ 1

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