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Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 22:34:37 +0200

From: Couriersud
Subject: Updated DirectFB driver for SDL1.3

please find attached a patch for an updated directfb driver for SDL1.3.
It does now
- properly supported the new input api.
- send unicode text events
- support directfb windows
- support multiple screens
- support hardware YUV scaling for the first YUV texture created.
- support hardware scaling for textures.
- properly interpret streaming access
- support software opengl if one manages to install the mesa directfb
driver (broken/not broken in mesa svn)

Within bugzilla ( there
is another patch which fixes a crash due to GL context creation.

Kind regards,

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slouken committed Aug 26, 2008
1 parent 8b86146 commit 10bc0b060acff37b3990eaa4c864e794fae967fd

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