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Starting to implement ITextStoreACP.

It's very incomplete and will probably change quite a bit but it's a start.
ITextStoreACP is the minimum interface to be considered TSF-aware.
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dewyatt committed Jun 21, 2010
1 parent 2140ff6 commit 12c7bfb4f1cf758aa4233da5276aa229c4e5da1d
Showing with 369 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +62 −0 EXCLUDE/GLTSF/include/TSF.hpp
  2. +307 −2 EXCLUDE/GLTSF/src/TSF.cpp
@@ -11,11 +11,73 @@ class TSF
static void Finalize();

class TSF_Text_Store : public ITextStoreACP, public ITfContextOwnerCompositionSink
STDMETHODIMP QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void **ppvObject);

STDMETHODIMP AdviseSink(REFIID riid, IUnknown *punk, DWORD dwMask);
STDMETHODIMP UnadviseSink(IUnknown *punk);
STDMETHODIMP RequestLock(DWORD dwLockFlags, HRESULT *phrSession);
STDMETHODIMP QueryInsert(LONG acpTestStart, LONG acpTestEnd, ULONG cch, LONG *pacpResultStart, LONG *pacpResultEnd);
STDMETHODIMP GetSelection(ULONG ulIndex, ULONG ulCount, TS_SELECTION_ACP *pSelection, ULONG *pcFetched);
STDMETHODIMP SetSelection(ULONG ulCount, const TS_SELECTION_ACP *pSelection);
STDMETHODIMP GetText(LONG acpStart, LONG acpEnd, WCHAR *pchPlain, ULONG cchPlainReq, ULONG *pcchPlainRet, TS_RUNINFO *prgRunInfo, ULONG cRunInfoReq, ULONG *pcRunInfoRet, LONG *pacpNext);
STDMETHODIMP SetText(DWORD dwFlags, LONG acpStart, LONG acpEnd, const WCHAR *pchText, ULONG cch, TS_TEXTCHANGE *pChange);
STDMETHODIMP GetFormattedText(LONG acpStart, LONG acpEnd, IDataObject **ppDataObject);
STDMETHODIMP GetEmbedded(LONG acpPos, REFGUID rguidService, REFIID riid, IUnknown **ppunk);
STDMETHODIMP QueryInsertEmbedded(const GUID *pguidService, const FORMATETC *pFormatEtc, BOOL *pfInsertable);
STDMETHODIMP InsertEmbedded(DWORD dwFlags, LONG acpStart, LONG acpEnd, IDataObject *pDataObject, TS_TEXTCHANGE *pChange);
STDMETHODIMP InsertTextAtSelection(DWORD dwFlags, const WCHAR *pchText, ULONG cch, LONG *pacpStart, LONG *pacpEnd, TS_TEXTCHANGE *pChange);
STDMETHODIMP InsertEmbeddedAtSelection(DWORD dwFlags, IDataObject *pDataObject, LONG *pacpStart, LONG *pacpEnd, TS_TEXTCHANGE *pChange);
STDMETHODIMP RequestSupportedAttrs(DWORD dwFlags, ULONG cFilterAttrs, const TS_ATTRID *paFilterAttrs);
STDMETHODIMP RequestAttrsAtPosition(LONG acpPos, ULONG cFilterAttrs, const TS_ATTRID *paFilterAttrs, DWORD dwFlags);
STDMETHODIMP RequestAttrsTransitioningAtPosition(LONG acpPos, ULONG cFilterAttrs, const TS_ATTRID *paFilterAttrs, DWORD dwFlags);
STDMETHODIMP FindNextAttrTransition(LONG acpStart, LONG acpHalt, ULONG cFilterAttrs, const TS_ATTRID *paFilterAttrs, DWORD dwFlags, LONG *pacpNext, BOOL *pfFound, LONG *plFoundOffset);
STDMETHODIMP RetrieveRequestedAttrs(ULONG ulCount, TS_ATTRVAL *paAttrVals, ULONG *pcFetched);
STDMETHODIMP GetActiveView(TsViewCookie *pvcView);
STDMETHODIMP GetACPFromPoint(TsViewCookie vcView, const POINT *ptScreen, DWORD dwFlags, LONG *pacp);
STDMETHODIMP GetTextExt(TsViewCookie vcView, LONG acpStart, LONG acpEnd, RECT *prc, BOOL *pfClipped);
STDMETHODIMP GetScreenExt(TsViewCookie vcView, RECT *prc);
STDMETHODIMP GetWnd(TsViewCookie vcView, HWND *phwnd);

STDMETHODIMP OnStartComposition(ITfCompositionView *pComposition, BOOL *pfOk);
STDMETHODIMP OnUpdateComposition(ITfCompositionView *pComposition, ITfRange *pRangeNew);
STDMETHODIMP OnEndComposition(ITfCompositionView *pComposition);

void Initialize();
void Finalize();


ULONG my_Reference_Count;
CComPtr<ITfDocumentMgr> my_Document_Manager;
CComPtr<ITfContext> my_Context;
DWORD my_Edit_Cookie;
CComPtr<ITextStoreACPSink> my_Sink;
DWORD my_Sink_Mask;
DWORD my_Lock;
DWORD my_Lock_Queued;
CComPtr<ITfCompositionView> my_Composition_View;
TS_SELECTION_ACP my_Composition_Selection;


static bool COM_Initialized;

static CComPtr<ITfThreadMgr> Thread_Manager;
static TfClientId Client_Id;
static TSF_Text_Store *Text_Store;


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