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Don't reset the mouse, that's actually bad behavior most of the time …

…for windowed applications.
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slouken committed Jan 28, 2013
1 parent 89bce93 commit 15afcdf8f6db3ca64746a17b8e87d5ea72fd41cc
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  1. +7 −0 src/events/SDL_mouse.c
@@ -96,10 +96,17 @@ SDL_SetMouseFocus(SDL_Window * window)

/* Actually, this ends up being a bad idea, because most operating
systems have an implicit grab when you press the mouse button down
so you can drag things out of the window and then get the mouse up
when it happens. So, #if 0...
#if 0
if (mouse->focus && !window) {
/* We won't get anymore mouse messages, so reset mouse state */

/* See if the current window has lost focus */
if (mouse->focus) {

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