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WinRT: send window 'minimized' and 'restored' events for app-suspend …

…and app-resume. Use SDL_AddEventWatch() to receive these.
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DavidLudwig committed Jan 9, 2013
1 parent 33f679e commit 18beeaee73fb58107c07f0a563433562c2ef3905
Showing with 51 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +51 −4 src/video/windowsrt/SDL_WinRTApp.cpp
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ extern "C" {
#include "../SDL_sysvideo.h"
#include "../../events/SDL_mouse_c.h"
#include "../../events/SDL_keyboard_c.h"
#include "../../events/SDL_windowevents_c.h"
#include "SDL_events.h"
#include "SDL_log.h"
@@ -494,27 +495,73 @@ void SDL_WinRTApp::OnActivated(CoreApplicationView^ applicationView, IActivatedE

static int SDLCALL RemoveAppSuspendAndResumeEvents(void * userdata, SDL_Event * event)
if (event->type == SDL_WINDOWEVENT)
switch (event->window.event)
// Return 0 to indicate that the event should be removed from the
// event queue:
return 0;

// Return 1 to indicate that the event should stay in the event queue:
return 1;

void SDL_WinRTApp::OnSuspending(Platform::Object^ sender, SuspendingEventArgs^ args)
// Save app state asynchronously after requesting a deferral. Holding a deferral
// indicates that the application is busy performing suspending operations. Be
// aware that a deferral may not be held indefinitely. After about five seconds,
// the app will be forced to exit.
SuspendingDeferral^ deferral = args->SuspendingOperation->GetDeferral();

create_task([this, deferral]()
// Insert your code here.

// Send a window-minimized event immediately to observers.
// CoreDispatcher::ProcessEvents, which is the backbone on which
// SDL_WinRTApp::PumpEvents is built, will not return to its caller
// once it sends out a suspend event. Any events posted to SDL's
// event queue won't get received until the WinRT app is resumed.
// SDL_AddEventWatch() may be used to receive app-suspend events on
// WinRT.
// In order to prevent app-suspend events from being received twice:
// first via a callback passed to SDL_AddEventWatch, and second via
// SDL's event queue, the event will be sent to SDL, then immediately
// removed from the queue.
if (m_sdlWindowData)
SDL_SendWindowEvent(m_sdlWindowData->sdlWindow, SDL_WINDOWEVENT_MINIMIZED, 0, 0); // TODO: see if SDL_WINDOWEVENT_SIZE_CHANGED should be getting triggered here (it is, currently)
SDL_FilterEvents(RemoveAppSuspendAndResumeEvents, 0);

void SDL_WinRTApp::OnResuming(Platform::Object^ sender, Platform::Object^ args)
// Restore any data or state that was unloaded on suspend. By default, data
// and state are persisted when resuming from suspend. Note that this event
// does not occur if the app was previously terminated.
if (m_sdlWindowData)
SDL_SendWindowEvent(m_sdlWindowData->sdlWindow, SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESTORED, 0, 0); // TODO: see if SDL_WINDOWEVENT_SIZE_CHANGED should be getting triggered here (it is, currently)

// Remove the app-resume event from the queue, as is done with the
// app-suspend event.
// TODO, WinRT: consider posting this event to the queue even though
// its counterpart, the app-suspend event, effectively has to be
// processed immediately.
SDL_FilterEvents(RemoveAppSuspendAndResumeEvents, 0);

SDL_DisplayMode SDL_WinRTApp::GetMainDisplayMode()

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