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Ton of work on CoreAudio driver for new 1.3 features...most of the
 multi-device support is wired up, and the starts of capture support, too.

All is still subject to change, and what's there is still a little flakey.
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icculus committed Oct 3, 2006
1 parent 3bfd5cd commit 38edc84702d2ecc41e40f5a70b724a9d590182e4
Showing with 346 additions and 87 deletions.
  1. +1 −1
  2. +342 −85 src/audio/macosx/SDL_coreaudio.c
  3. +3 −1 src/audio/macosx/SDL_coreaudio.h
@@ -2323,7 +2323,7 @@ AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-render-d3d], [enable the Direct3D render driver [[defau
EXTRA_LDFLAGS="$EXTRA_LDFLAGS -Wl,-framework,Carbon"
# If either the audio or CD driver is used, add the AudioUnit framework
if test x$enable_audio = xyes -o x$enable_cdrom = xyes; then
EXTRA_LDFLAGS="$EXTRA_LDFLAGS -Wl,-framework,AudioToolbox -Wl,-framework,AudioUnit"
EXTRA_LDFLAGS="$EXTRA_LDFLAGS -Wl,-framework,CoreAudio -framework,AudioToolbox -Wl,-framework,AudioUnit"

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