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Adds a simple command line utility ( to create iOS binari…

…es for armv6, armv7 and i386
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gabomdq committed Jun 19, 2012
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@@ -16,6 +16,26 @@ There are three build targets:
- Template:
Package a project template together with the SDL for iPhone static libraries and copies of the SDL headers. The template includes proper references to the SDL library and headers, skeleton code for a basic SDL program, and placeholder graphics for the application icon and startup screen.

Build SDL for iOS from the command line

1. cd (PATH WHERE THE SDL CODE IS)/build-scripts
2. ./

If everything goes fine, you should see a build/ios directory, inside there's
two directories "lib" and "include".
"include" contains a copy of the SDL headers that you'll need for your project,
make sure to configure XCode to look for headers there.
"lib" contains find two files, libSDL2.a and libSDL2main.a, you have to add both
to your XCode project. These libraries contain three architectures in them,
armv6 for legacy devices, armv7, and i386 (for the simulator).
By default, will autodetect the SDK version you have installed using
xcodebuild -showsdks, and build for iOS >= 3.0, you can override this behaviour
by setting the MIN_OS_VERSION variable, ie:


Using the Simple DirectMedia Layer for iOS

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