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Fixed bug 1748 - Patch for errors and mistakes in SDL 2 README files.

Philipp Wiesemann

SDL's README files seem to contain multiple errors and mistakes. I attached a patch with changes and updates.

 * removed Windows CE because no more supported

 * corrected spelling mistake

 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * changed Android version to match AndroidManifest.xml

 * added missing directories from list
 * removed cdrom directories from list
 * updated required NDK revision
 * add to list
 * changed lower limit for to android-10 and removed upper
 * added a statement why older devices not supported
 * added correct dates to statements about OpenGL ES
 * added info about Google's device numbers and date
 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * corrected spelling mistake

 * changed that values are no in range 0..1
 * updated the names of some functions
 * updated the notes about usage
 * corrected spelling mistakes
 * added info that API changed near original author contact
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slouken committed Mar 10, 2013
1 parent 3e8d8e2 commit 41e066641618a5fd0d24f331548ffdb1ab8986ca

File 3 of 10 in 41e0666

@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ Simple Window Manager

The driver has support for a very, very basic window manager you may
want to use when runnning with "wm=default". Use
want to use when running with "wm=default". Use


@@ -62,10 +62,10 @@ you need to have the following font installed:


OPENGL Support
OpenGL Support

The following instructions will give you *software* opengl. However this
The following instructions will give you *software* OpenGL. However this
works at least on all directfb supported platforms.

As of this writing 20100802 you need to pull Mesa from git and do the following:

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