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Fixed bug 1748 - Patch for errors and mistakes in SDL 2 README files.
Philipp Wiesemann

SDL's README files seem to contain multiple errors and mistakes. I attached a patch with changes and updates.

 * removed Windows CE because no more supported

 * corrected spelling mistake

 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * changed Android version to match AndroidManifest.xml

 * added missing directories from list
 * removed cdrom directories from list
 * updated required NDK revision
 * add to list
 * changed lower limit for to android-10 and removed upper
 * added a statement why older devices not supported
 * added correct dates to statements about OpenGL ES
 * added info about Google's device numbers and date
 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * corrected spelling mistakes

 * corrected spelling mistake

 * changed that values are no in range 0..1
 * updated the names of some functions
 * updated the notes about usage
 * corrected spelling mistakes
 * added info that API changed near original author contact
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slouken committed Mar 10, 2013
1 parent 3e8d8e2 commit 41e066641618a5fd0d24f331548ffdb1ab8986ca

File 4 of 10 in 41e0666

@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ usually is "TestGame". You might also want to use @PACKAGE@ to use the package
name as specified in your file.

If your project builds more than one application, you will have to do a bit
more. For each of your target applications, you need a seperate rule.
more. For each of your target applications, you need a separate rule.

If you want the created bundles to be installed, you may want to add this
rule to your
@@ -75,13 +75,13 @@ the make rule accordingly.

But beware! That is only part of the story! With the above, you end up with
a bare bone .app bundle, which is double clickable from the Finder. But
there are some more things you should do before shipping yor product...
there are some more things you should do before shipping your product...

1) The bundle right now probably is dynamically linked against SDL. That
means that when you copy it to another computer, *it will not run*,
unless you also install SDL on that other computer. A good solution
for this dilemma is to static link against SDL. On OS X, you can
achieve that by linkinag against the libraries listed by
achieve that by linking against the libraries listed by
sdl-config --static-libs
instead of those listed by
sdl-config --libs
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ normally from the Finder.
- Building the Framework

The SDL Library is packaged as a framework bundle, an organized
relocatable folder heirarchy of executible code, interface headers,
relocatable folder hierarchy of executable code, interface headers,
and additional resources. For practical purposes, you can think of a
framework as a more user and system-friendly shared library, whose library
file behaves more or less like a standard UNIX shared library.
@@ -162,11 +162,11 @@ following locations:

- Building from command line
Use pbxbuild in the same directory as your .pbproj file

- Running your app
You can send command line args to your app by either invoking it from
the command line (in *.app/Contents/MacOS) or by entering them in the
"Executibles" panel of the target settings.
"Executables" panel of the target settings.

- Implementation Notes
Some things that may be of interest about how it all works...
@@ -181,6 +181,6 @@ following locations:
You are free to modify your Cocoa app with generally no consequence
to SDL. You cannot, however, easily change the SDL window itself.
Functionality may be added in the future to help this.

Known bugs are listed in the file "BUGS"

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