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When the window is resized, the viewport is automatically reset.

This resolves lots of confusion around resizable windows.  Most people don't expect a viewport to be implicitly set when the renderer is created and then not to be reset to the window size if the window is resized.

Added common test command line parameters --logical WxH and --scale N to test the render logical size and scaling APIs.
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slouken committed May 29, 2013
1 parent 5d8990e commit 43c04f53307a81bb186694c81c6716ce8906ab38

File 1 of 5 in 43c04f5

@@ -481,8 +481,7 @@ extern DECLSPEC void SDLCALL SDL_RenderGetLogicalSize(SDL_Renderer * renderer, i
* \return 0 on success, or -1 on error
* \note When the window is resized, the current viewport is automatically
* centered within the new window size.
* \note If the window associated with the renderer is resized, the viewport is automatically reset.
* \sa SDL_RenderGetViewport()
* \sa SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize()

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