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Next version of internationalized input for X11. On my machine (famou…

…s last words :-) with a US English keyboard and locale I can compose ` and e and get a text

input event with the character ?. You still get the keypress keyrelease events for the individual keys that go into composing the character.
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pendletonrc committed Mar 7, 2008
1 parent 2935ccc commit 49fd00c84f1ed0c7b8451a07769e7c9ab6fa3310

File 2 of 5 in 49fd00c

@@ -68,9 +68,10 @@ extern "C"
int SDL_X11_LoadSymbols(void);
void SDL_X11_UnloadSymbols(void);

/* That's really annoying...make this a function pointer no matter what. */
/* That's really annoying...make these function pointers no matter what. */
extern XIC(*pXCreateIC) (XIM, ...);
extern char *(*pXGetICValues) (XIC, ...);

/* These SDL_X11_HAVE_* flags are here whether you have dynamic X11 or not. */

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