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Try opening relative path files from internal storage.

I'm not falling back to external storage because the application should be
aware of whether external storage is available and choose whether or not to
use it.
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slouken committed Nov 2, 2012
1 parent 3060ad7 commit 4a3e5fc54513634c977c8b8acf7b4cf646285cbf

File 1 of 1 in 4a3e5fc

@@ -429,13 +429,28 @@ SDL_RWFromFile(const char *file, const char *mode)
#if defined(ANDROID)
/* Try to open the file on the filesystem first */
if (*file == '/') {
FILE *fp = fopen(file, mode);
if (fp) {
return SDL_RWFromFP(fp, 1);
} else {
/* Try opening it from internal storage if it's a relative path */
char *path;
FILE *fp;

path = SDL_stack_alloc(char, PATH_MAX);
if (path) {
SDL_snprintf(path, PATH_MAX, "%s/%s",
SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath(), file);
fp = fopen(path, mode);
if (fp) {
return SDL_RWFromFP(fp, 1);
#endif /* HAVE_STDIO_H */

/* Try to open the file from the asset system */
rwops = SDL_AllocRW();

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