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@@ -68,14 +68,14 @@ OpenGL (using Mesa offscreen rendering driver)
- Dependent driver combinations:
Video Kbd Mouse Timer Joysticks
xbios ikbd ikbd vbl(2) ikbd
xbios gemdos xbios vbl(2) xbios(3)
xbios bios xbios vbl(2) xbios(3)
gem gem gem(1) vbl(2) xbios(3)
xbios gemdos xbios vbl(2) xbios
xbios bios xbios vbl(2) xbios
gem gem gem(1) vbl(2) xbios

Audio O/S Misc
dma8 All Uses MFP Timer A interrupt
xbios TOS Uses MFP Timer A interrupt
xbios MiNT Uses MiNT thread
xbios MiNT Uses MFP Timer A interrupt
xbios Magic Disabled
stfa All Uses MFP interrupt
mcsn TOS Uses MFP Timer A interrupt
@@ -87,16 +87,13 @@ Joypad driver always uses hardware access.
OpenGL driver always uses OSMesa.

(1) GEM does not report relative mouse motion, so xbios mouse driver is used
to report this type event. Under MiNT, using XBIOS mouse driver is not possible.
to report this type event.
A preliminary driver for /dev/mouse device driver is present, but is disabled
till it can be used with other applications simultaneously.

(2) If you build SDL with threads using the GNU pth library, timers are
supported via the pth library.

(3) Redirecting XBIOS vectors does not work under MiNT, so it is disabled in
this case.

V. Environment variables:

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