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Make SDL support the X11 clipboard TARGETS protocol, which advertises…

… what formats text is available in from the application. This is necessary for many Linux programs to interact well with the clipboard.
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slouken committed Mar 22, 2013
1 parent 59ca9bc commit 63149b83ee6cc2d030e13a09e074fa5b53b25545
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@@ -735,11 +735,19 @@ X11_DispatchEvent(_THIS)
XA_CUT_BUFFER0, 0, INT_MAX/4, False, req->target,
&, &seln_format, &nbytes,
&overflow, &seln_data) == Success) {
Atom XA_TARGETS = XInternAtom(display, "TARGETS", 0);
if ( == req->target) {
XChangeProperty(display, req->requestor, req->property,, seln_format, PropModeReplace,
seln_data, nbytes); = req->property;
} else if (XA_TARGETS == req->target) {
Atom SupportedFormats[] = {, XA_TARGETS };
XChangeProperty(display, req->requestor, req->property,
XA_ATOM, 32, PropModeReplace,
(unsigned char*)SupportedFormats,
sizeof(SupportedFormats)/sizeof(*SupportedFormats)); = req->property;

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