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Merged sdl.pc location fix from SDL 1.2

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slouken committed Jul 7, 2006
1 parent 42a8e3b commit 666a8a75ee823b580d3dbee9593b5a8ef4fa4924
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@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ install-data:
$(SHELL) $(auxdir)/mkinstalldirs $(datadir)/aclocal
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $(srcdir)/sdl.m4 $(datadir)/aclocal/sdl.m4
$(SHELL) $(auxdir)/mkinstalldirs $(libdir)/pkgconfig
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $(srcdir)/sdl.pc $(libdir)/pkgconfig
$(INSTALL) -m 644 sdl.pc $(libdir)/pkgconfig
$(SHELL) $(auxdir)/mkinstalldirs $(mandir)/man3
for src in $(srcdir)/docs/man3/*.3; do \

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