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Fixed bug 1881 - SDL will not compile with "SDL_THREADS" disabled.


I am attempting to compile SDL on WindowsXP 32-bit, using MinGW.  The problem I am having is when I attempt to compile, when it gets to "SDL_systhread.c" it errors:

C:\Repos\Mezzanine\Mezzanine\libincludes\common\sdlsrc\SDL\src\thread\generic\SDL_systhread.c|29|error: conflicting types for 'SDL_SYS_CreateThread'
C:\Repos\Mezzanine\Mezzanine\libincludes\common\sdlsrc\SDL\src\thread\generic\..\SDL_systhread.h|35|note: previous declaration of 'SDL_SYS_CreateThread' was here

I do have SDL_THREADS disabled in my cmake configuration as I do not want or need SDL making threads for me, I have another thread provider.  It seems the generic "dummy" implementation does not account for the two extra parameters needed for the "SDL_SYS_CreateThread" method when "SDL_PASSED_BEGINTHREAD_ENDTHREAD" is defined.
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slouken committed Jun 2, 2013
1 parent 88f3b00 commit 7663d4908eebee680adf005b6aee86faefc47359

File 1 of 1 in 7663d49

@@ -25,8 +25,15 @@
#include "SDL_thread.h"
#include "../SDL_systhread.h"

SDL_SYS_CreateThread(SDL_Thread * thread, void *args,
pfnSDL_CurrentBeginThread pfnBeginThread,
pfnSDL_CurrentEndThread pfnEndThread)
SDL_SYS_CreateThread(SDL_Thread * thread, void *args)
return SDL_SetError("Threads are not supported on this platform");

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