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Figured out how to optimize the SDL_compat path and simplify writing …

…framebuffer drivers
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slouken committed Aug 10, 2007
1 parent 63b2128 commit 7b34fe6d15a69e6d575ae8ee730b2a249308b445
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@@ -150,3 +150,13 @@ IRC - Mon Aug 6 23:50:44 PDT 2007
[12:01am] slouken: If it were software only I could just say, write your own and register it here, but you'd have to maintain parity with the OpenGL and Direct3D renderers as well.
[12:01am] slouken: At that point you might as well be working in surfaces and uploading to texture.
[12:02am] icculus: yeah

Change textures to static/streaming. Static textures are not lockable,
streaming textures are lockable and may have system memory pixels available.
SDL_compat will use a streaming video texture, and will never be HWSURFACE,
but may be PREALLOC, if system memory pixels are available.

The software renderer will be abstracted so the surface management can be
used by any renderer that provides functions to copy surfaces to the window.

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