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Updated the DirectFB support, from Couriersud

attached is a working directfb driver diff which works with the current
changes. There are a number of changes around it as well, e.g.

The directfb renderdriver right now still depends on a some "includes"
from src/video/directfb. That's why it is not yet moved to the new
render folder.
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slouken committed Feb 6, 2011
1 parent 4779d6b commit 8938cbf2a03704a76bea6d034b473962734080aa

File 6 of 24 in 8938cbf

@@ -127,6 +127,9 @@ extern SDL_RenderDriver GL_RenderDriver;
extern SDL_RenderDriver GL_ES_RenderDriver;
extern SDL_RenderDriver DirectFB_RenderDriver;
extern SDL_RenderDriver SW_RenderDriver;

#endif /* _SDL_sysrender_h */

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