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slouken committed Dec 10, 2008
1 parent 1405532 commit 98c12c5483d7dfb21c5a4ec5d6d49d51738684be
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* Fill in current_w and current_h with desktop display mode
([SDL] SDL_VideoInfo in 1.3 missing elements)
* Implement YUV texture support
- in progress, software support is done, Ryan is working on OpenGL shaders
* Implement desktop video mode change notification?
* Verify mouse grab support
* Properly handle mouse grab with Vista DPI scaling
* Make sure the mouse is where it's supposed to be when un-grabbed
* Test native window codepath
* Add keyboard enumeration / name query API

Wish list for the 1.3 development branch:

* Add a way to register custom events
* Add internal support for adding video modes and refresh rates
* Support querying and setting refresh rate with video modes
* Add mousewheel events (new unified event architecture?)
* DirectInput joystick support needs to be implemented
* Be able to enumerate and select available audio and video drivers
* Fullscreen video mode support for Mac OS X
* Explicit vertical retrace wait (maybe separate from SDL_Flip?)
* Shaped windows, windows without borders
* Multiple windows, multiple display support
* SDL_INIT_EVENTTHREAD on Windows and MacOS?
* Multiple display support
* Add a timestamp to events
* Add audio input API
* Add hardware accelerated scaled blit
* Add hardware accelerated alpha blits
* Redesign blitting architecture to allow blit plugins
* Add modifier state to key and button events

In the jump from 1.2 to 1.3, we should change the SDL_Rect members to

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