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Fixed bug #1011

Daniel Ellis      2010-06-25 15:20:31 PDT

SDL based applications sometimes display the wrong application name in the
Sound Preferences dialog when using pulseaudio.

I can see from the code that the SDL pulse module is initiating a new pulse
audio context and passing an application name using the function

The get_progname() function returns the name of the current process. However,
the process name is often not a suitable name to use. For example, the OpenShot
video editor is a python application, and so "python" is displayed in the Sound
Preferences window (see Bug #596504), when it should be displaying "OpenShot".

PulseAudio allows applications to specify the application name, either at the
time the context is created (as SDL does currently), or by special environment
variables (see If no
name is specified, then pulseaudio will determine the name based on the

If you specify the application name when initiating the pulseaudio context,
then that will override any application name specified using an environment

As libsdl is a library, I believe the solution is for libsdl to not specify any
application name when initiating a pulseaudio context, which will enable
applications to specify the application name using environment variables. In
the case that the applications do not specify anything, pulseaudio will fall
back to using the process name anyway.

The attached patch removes the get_progname() function and passes NULL as the
application name when creating the pulseaudio context, which fixes the issue.
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slouken committed Jan 24, 2011
1 parent 238c238 commit 998cbf8ae151de279d65e6181dacc342451ddaca
Showing with 1 addition and 33 deletions.
  1. +1 −33 src/audio/pulseaudio/SDL_pulseaudio.c
@@ -304,38 +304,6 @@ PULSEAUDIO_CloseDevice(_THIS)

/* !!! FIXME: this could probably be expanded. */
/* Try to get the name of the program */
static char *
#ifdef __LINUX__
char *progname = NULL;
FILE *fp;
static char temp[BUFSIZ];

SDL_snprintf(temp, SDL_arraysize(temp), "/proc/%d/cmdline", getpid());
fp = fopen(temp, "r");
if (fp != NULL) {
if (fgets(temp, sizeof(temp) - 1, fp)) {
progname = SDL_strrchr(temp, '/');
if (progname == NULL) {
progname = temp;
} else {
progname = progname + 1;
#elif defined(__NetBSD__)
return getprogname();

static int
PULSEAUDIO_OpenDevice(_THIS, const char *devname, int iscapture)
@@ -438,7 +406,7 @@ PULSEAUDIO_OpenDevice(_THIS, const char *devname, int iscapture)

h->mainloop_api = PULSEAUDIO_pa_mainloop_get_api(h->mainloop);
h->context = PULSEAUDIO_pa_context_new(h->mainloop_api, get_progname());
h->context = PULSEAUDIO_pa_context_new(h->mainloop_api, NULL);
if (!h->context) {
SDL_SetError("pa_context_new() failed");

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