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Removed hermes since it's LGPL and not compatible with a commercial l…


Prepping for using MMX and SSE intrinsics instead of inline assembly.
.. except for memcpy equivalents which only get faster if they can
   exploit the parallelism of loading into multiple SIMD registers. :)
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slouken committed Aug 15, 2007
1 parent 04bc3fc commit a89dec02dc9d503bbc3e3f195ec00638c0a39766

File 15 of 18 in a89dec0

@@ -67,6 +67,17 @@ typedef struct SDL_BlitMap
unsigned int format_version;
} SDL_BlitMap;

#define SDL_BLIT_ANY 0x00000000
#define SDL_BLIT_MMX 0x00000001
#define SDL_BLIT_SSE 0x00000002
#define SDL_BLIT_ALTIVEC_PREFETCH 0x00000004

typedef struct SDL_BlitEntry
Uint32 features;
SDL_loblit blit;
} SDL_BlitEntry;

/* Functions found in SDL_blit.c */
extern int SDL_CalculateBlit(SDL_Surface * surface);

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